Displaying & Magnifying Repetitive Signals

Displaying Repetitive Signals

AUTOSET will typically handle this for you however, if you wish to do it manually or need a specific resolution here’s how.

    Adjust the vertical POSITION control to display the waveform at the vertical center and the VOLTS/DIV control to provide the resolution desired. Press the TRIGGER MENU button and set your triggering environment as desired from the menu choices. Press the VERTICAL MENU button and set your vertical environment as desired from the menu choices. Adjust the horizontal POSITION control to the center to the display horizontally and adjust the SEC/DIV to provide the desired time intervals.

Magnify the Signal

The TAS 455 has a Magnify button that will adjust the waveform by a factor of ten. The MAG button is used here however, this will most likely vary scope to scope. Using any magnification will also result in needing to readjust the signal using the controls described in “Displaying Repetitive Signals.” Also, to the right is a helpful cheat sheet for menu access for the TAS 455. If you have a different scope see if you can find a menu map from the manufacturer, the maps are very helpful.