My First Manufactured PCB

Wanted to make a quick note about my first Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to get manufactured! I have made plenty of PCBs in Eagle CAD, but this is the first one I ever sent out to get manufactured. The circuit board gerber files were sent out to OSHPark for processing.

The board was made as a gift for my friend April’s Birthday and it includes a lovely silk screen printed drawing that was done by April and a simple circuit on-board to give the drawing some life. The idea came to me after seeing some of the beautiful PCB art sponsored by OSHPark. Check out what they have on their website!

The circuit is simple, its just half of the 8-bit Binary Counter put around the board, centered around the silk screen. The idea was to get the LEDs to be moving up as the counter chip continued to make it look like bubbles moving up in the water. The board measures 2.18 x 2.77 inch (55.4 x 70.4 mm) on a 2-layer board.

Lots of fun and it came out great. Normally I would include a bill of materials, but it isn’t proper to let people know how much their gift cost so, if you want a quote on your PCB check out OSHPark’s website.

Circuit Board (would you look at that silk screen!)

Orignial (Masterpiece!) : April James (2018)

Article last edited: August 2021