Hydra Multi-Board

The Hydra Multi-board is a power distribution, voltage sense, and current sense printed circuit board (PCB) designed for the Hydra Hex Copter (A project by the Oregon State University Robotics Club (OSURC) Aerial Team). The power source to be given to this board to work with is a 6S LiPo that will have a maximum voltage around 30V. The overall dimensions of the board are 5”x4.15” and was designed to be mounted in the center of the hex-drone with a pair of electronic speed controller (ESC) pads facing each arm of the drone.

The board features two switching power supplies. One set for 5V/3A max, the other set for 12V/3A max. Both power supplies were intended for powering either servos, microcontroller and other various on-board electronics.

The current sense is accomplished using a shunt resistor valued at 0.5mΩ for a minimum current change.

Voltage sense is accomplished by means of a voltage divider that is set-up for a high voltage of 30V (This is because of the 6S LiPo power source).

Here’s the current board layout as in Eagle CAD.

Article last edited: August 2021