If I am remembered at Oregon State University for anything, I hope it is for my work with the ResiSTORE. The ResiSTORE is an on-campus, volunteer student-run, electronics component distributer that serves the Engineering Program at OSU and the community of Corvallis, Oregon as a whole.

I started at the ResiSTORE during Winter 2018 (my freshman year), I became the Manager in Winter 2019, and I am currently satisfied with my work to the point where I will be giving up the role as Manager at the end of the Winter 2020 term.

The ResiSTORE has been the highlight of my undergraduate experience. Allowing me to meet so many people, learn invaluable lessons in diligence, patience, leadership, and advancing my technical knowledge to point that I never would have anticipated.

During my time as a volunteer and Manager I redesigned the store website, instituted a grid system for the location of components in the store, instituted a Point-Of-Sales system that allows the store to take card payments, and much more.

See the website I made for the store here: It was my first database backed website written in PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Here’s the Github repository to the source code of the website.

Here’s the ResiSTORE Manual I wrote to pass on the store to any manager that would eventually take my place. Also here are the source LaTex files in case a future manager would like to edit it. I hope it allows the store to keep going as the great service it is for the students of OSU and the electronic hobbyists of Corvallis.

I was featured in the local newspaper, The Daily Barometer, for the work I did for the store. Check it out here [link].

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Article last edited: August 2021