ISP Breadboard Adapter

This is a quick little project that is a continuation on a project I did last year where I made a Arduino Uno shield that functioned as a ISP Programmer for the ATmega328P, ATtiny26, and ATtiny85. Check it out here!

What I’ve found though is that most of the prototyping work I do now is moving away from Arduinos and is going for putting things together on a breadboard. Just last month I bought the Atmel ICE programmer due it its great debugging capabilities, compatibility with Atmel Studio (which I have begun to prefer nowadays on Windows), and of course its ISP programming capabilities. The Atmel ICE features your standard 2x3 ISP connector as well as other various connectors for programming in JTAG and other protocols. When it comes to programming the microcontroller on the breadboard it can become a real mess of wires sitting on top of an already complicated project. What I needed was to evolve the ISP programming shield into a more general-purpose ISP to Breadboard adapter. I found that both Sparkfun and Adafruit had their own available on their websites but with something so simple why not make one with my own personal touches and some quality of life improvements. Need to put that Swallowtail name on more PCBs :^)

The ISP programmer connector plugs into the top and the nodes are then branched to have their own rail on the breadboard. The wiring situation is now not a problem and the breadboard is looking clean as ever!

Article last edited: August 2021